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Gothenburg Cruise Network

Gothenburg Port Authority and Göteborg & Co are the main parties in the Gothenburg Cruise Network, which works to develop cruise tourism in Gothenburg.

A number of services are available through the network:

  • Information about Gothenburg and its surroundings
  • Marketing material in the form of photos, presentations, maps and films.
  • Advice and content proposals for conducted tours
  • Proposals for guided tours and activities
  • Assistance with linking up the cruise lines with local cruise-related activities.
  • Direct contact with tour operators, ships' chandlers, other interested parties, transport companies and shopping organisations that are partners in Gothenburg Cruise Network.
  • Port services, such as a cruise terminal, handling of waste and water, passenger services and music at the quayside on arrival/departure.

Gothenburg Cruise Network, with partners such as ships' chandlers, tour operators, transport companies, attractions and shopping organisations, do their utmost to ensure your visit is a resounding success and that your passengers are as satisfied as possible.

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