Upgraded berthing facility.

In this project, the Gothenburg Port Authority will reinvest in a new and upgraded quay facility for loading and unloading liquid energy products. The reinvestment will include demolition works, geotechnical improvements, new foundation, new berth and in some parts new process layout and equipment.

The project's main goal is to carry out pre-design/design as well as construction work for the replacement of the existing wharf, arrangements for geotechnical solutions and process equipment. The entire length of the quay is approximately 300 m and the project was estimated at €50-60 million in a very early assessment in 2021.

Feasibility study/design is tentatively scheduled to start in Q3 2023, and construction work is scheduled to start Q1-Q2 2026 and continue until Q1 2031.

Entrepreneurial dialogue.

As a preparation for the upcoming phases, the Gothenburg Port Authority invited to an early entrepreneur dialogue in order to inform about the project. Gothenburg Port Authority is interested in obtaining views on how we plan the procurement phase, the view on an involvement in the pre-design phase, the design phase and construction work as a possible partnering project. The purpose of the dialogue was to lay the foundation for decisions on how the procurement and implementation of this project should be carried out from the perspective of "best benefit for all parties involved".