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Better road and rail access

Within the near future major investments will be made to ensure easy access to the port by road and rail.

Expanded Port Line

The Port Line is the 10 km railway that links the Port of Gothenburg to the rest of the Swedish rail network. The Port Line is one of the most important rail links in Sweden and allows freight from all over Scandinavia to reach the port in Gothenburg. Some 60-70 freight trains use the line every day.

The current single-track line is being expanded into a double-track system, including an extra bridge across the Göta Älv river. The track comprises five stages and it has been decided to expand four of these with completion scheduled for 2019. The double Marieholm Bridge will be completed in 2016. 

Read more on the website of Trafikverket


Road 155 will be further enhanced, as well as the Hinging Road.

Continued expansion of highway 155
The routes leading to the port have been improved considerably in recent years thanks to new and more suitable approach roads and two new junctions – Vädermotet and Ytterhamnsmotet.

Also under construction is a junction leading into the Arendal area, which will be coordinated with the new Sörredsmotet junction. Read more about how road 155 is expanding on the website of Trafikverket.