The port is growing

The port is growing like never before. New terminals, logistics areas, roads and railways are being built to reinforce the Port of Gothenburg as the foremost freight hub in Scandinavia.

The Gothenburg region has been named the best logistics location in Sweden for 14 years in succession and this is a position that we intend to retain. We are currently expanding to accommodate the freight volumes of the future as well as larger vessels. We also need to meet the demands from industry for rapid intermodal transfer of freight in close proximity to the port. 

Vital for Swedish industry
Approximately 30 per cent of foreign trade in Sweden currently passes through the Port of Gothenburg. The port's expansion offers advantages for import and export companies throughout the country. Import warehouses close to the port, alongside transloading of export goods, ensure a smooth, rapid logistics process. This type of investment is exactly what will be required if trade and industry are to meet the needs of the future. New logistics areas will also allow further companies to establish operations in Gothenburg. 

Important for the people of the city

The port already employs, directly or indirectly, around 22,000 people in the Gothenburg area. Construction and operation of the new port terminals and logistics areas are expected to generate even more jobs and contribute to the growth of the port.

Minimum environmental impact
The expansion of the port will take place with as little impact as possible on the local flora and fauna. We are working closely with nature conservation associations to find suitable solutions.

New port areas are being constructed using excavated clay from the major infrastructure projects that are currently taking place in Gothenburg. This ensures that we manage the Earth's resources efficiently and avoid long transport distances. 

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Arvid Guthed

Arvid Guthed

Vice President Port Development

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