At the NoMad Bar in New York an authentic Bloody Mary is mixed using ABSOLUT VODKA from Sweden.

Every year, 9.4 million bottles of ABSOLUT VODKA are shipped from Sweden to the USA via the Port of Gothenburg. Each bottle makes its impressive journey of 9000 kilometres by truck, train and ship before it lands in a bar on the other side of the Atlantic.

It all begins in Skåne



From Åhus to the whole world

All ABSOLUT VODKA sold in the world is made in Åhus, Skåne in southern Sweden. About 100 million litres of vodka are produced here every year. 45 per cent of the vodka is exported to the USA, where ABSOLUT VODKA has been the market leader for many years now.

  • From wheat to glass
    Every litre of vodka produced requires one kilogram of wheat and water. The wheat used for ABSOLUT VODKA comes from the fields of Skåne, and the water comes from a deep local well. Once the vodka is ready, it is poured into the iconic bottles that are made in the Limmared glassworks of Västergötland.
  • In figures
    • Absolut is the world’s fourth largest liquor brand and is sold in 126 countries. • Every day, 500,000 bottles of vodka are made in the Åhus facility. • Today the range consists of the original ABSOLUT VODKA as well as about 20 flavoured variants and several limited-edition specials. • ABSOLUT VODKA started operating in 1979. In 2008 the company was sold by state-owned Vin & Sprit to France’s Pernod Ricard.

First the train to Gothenburg

Exports of ABSOLUT VODKA to the USA go via two Swedish ports: Åhus Port and the Port of Gothenburg. Every week, about 180,000 bottles are shipped out from Gothenburg. They begin their journey on a shuttle train that goes directly from Åhus to the container terminal in the Port of Gothenburg.

  • 6hours

    The train journey from Åhus to the Port of Gothenburg takes 6 hours and passes Kristianstad, Hässleholm, Markaryd and Halmstad.

  • Almost half of all containers transported to and from the Port of Gothenburg travel by train. 


From train to ship

The Port of Gothenburg is Sweden’s largest freight terminal. Here the railway shuttle service from Åhus loaded with ABSOLUT VODKA rolls almost all the way to the pier inside the container terminal.

Every week, almost 30 containers of vodka are loaded on board one of the Atlantic Container Lines (ACL) vessels. The shipping line has five vessels that operate between the Port of Gothenburg and North America.


  • The Nordic region’s biggest container terminal
    The Port of Gothenburg has the Nordic region’s biggest container terminal. It is run by APM Terminals and used in regular operations by more than 15 shipping lines. Many ships travel directly to other continents without transhipment. Others operate frequent schedules to major freight hubs on the European continent where their cargo is loaded onto larger ships.
  • 400 metres long
    The world’s biggest container vessel, 400 metres long, also calls in at the container terminal.
  • 15days

    The trip from Gothenburg to New York takes 15 days.

  • On the way, the ship calls in at Liverpool and Antwerp.

  • Shipping line ACL has five vessels that run in a loop between Europe and North America. All five ships sail under a Swedish flag.


New York ahoy!

After just over two weeks the bottles of ABSOLUT VODKA arrive in the USA. The ship ties up in the Port of New York and New Jersey. Here the containers are reloaded and continue their onward journey by truck.

  • 45minutes

    About 45 minutes later the load of about 180,000 bottles arrives at the warehouse of Southern Wine & Spirits in Syosset.

  • 1million square metres

    Southern Wine & Spirits is one of the USA’s leading transporters and warehouse stockists of wines and spirits, and is the ABSOLUT VODKA dealer on the American market. Their warehouse is a massive 1 million square metres in size.

  • Every night, staff at the warehouse go through the orders and pack the trucks which the following morning set out for shops, bars, restaurants and hotels all along the east coast.

  • In the morning the vodka bottles set out on their last trip. 50 minutes by truck and they finally arrive at the NoMad Hotel on Manhattan.


NoMad Bar

NoMad Hotel and NoMad Bar are located on the corner of 28th Street and Broadway on Manhattan. Here they serve a wide variety of cocktails including classic vodka cocktails such as Bloody Mary, White Russian and Vodka Martini blended using ABSOLUT VODKA from Sweden. Shaken, not stirred.


A successful voyage

A bottle of ABSOLUT VODKA on a bar counter in New York has been transported 9000 kilometres. A massive 97 % of that distance is by container ship that carries vast quantities of goods, which means low emissions per bottle and kilometre. And although sea freight accounts for almost the entire distance, it consumes just 86 per cent of the total energy used.

Just imagine…

If the vodka had instead been transported by truck, it would have gotten as far as Rotterdam for the same energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. About 1000 km instead of 9000.


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