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Onshore power supply for vessels

Providing an onshore power supply for vessels at berth can result in significant environmental gains. Carbon dioxide emissions decrease substantially and emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitric oxide are reduced to a minimum.

Onshore power also ensures a quieter port environment and a better working environment on board. The Port of Gothenburg has long experience of onshore power supply and is working resolutely to increase the number of vessels that shut down their engines while moored and switch to onshore power. 

Power supply offer to shipping companies
When a shipping company signs an onshore power agreement, we are responsible for ensuring that the onshore equipment is available. If a new facility is required, we will cover part of the investment. 

The Port of Gothenburg has a number of financial incentives to induce vessels to connect to an onshore power supply. There is no charge for the power provided – on the contrary, vessels connected to an onshore power supply score higher in the indexes on which the environmentally discounted port charge is based. The tax on onshore power has been reduced substantially in Sweden for a number of years and is currently 0.5 öre per kilowatt-hour.