Environmental discount on the port tariff

The Port of Gothenburg offers a discount to vessels that report good environmental performance. Two separate environmental indexes – Environmental Ship Index (ESI) and Clean Shipping Index (CSI) – form the basis for the discount.

Vessels that have a score of at least 30 points according to ESI or have at least 4 stars according to CSI receive a 10 percent discount on the port charge based on GT. An environmental discount is granted on condition that registration has taken place in accordance with the stipulations for ESI or CSI. To recieve discount according to ESI or CSI no actions are needed, every port call is being automatically controlled.

Read more at www.environmentalshipindex.org or at www.cleanshippingindex.com.

We offeran extra discount for vessels that run on LNG, making a total discount of 30 per cent for each call. The discount for LNG is valid until December 2019. It will then be phased out in 2020 with a decrease to ten percent

To receive the LNG-discount, notification of registration and compliance with approved standards must be sent to Port Control at the Gothenburg Port Authority in conjunction with notification of the vessel's first call after a certificate has been issued.

If you have any questions regarding our environmental discounts, please contact us via miljo@portgot.se.