Göteborgs Hamn AB - Startsida

Contact details

Below you find our contact details and can send us views on our work.

Postal address:
Port of Gothenburg
SE-403 38 Gothenburg
Visiting address:
Emigrantvägen 2B
414 63 Gothenburg

Delivery address, Head Office:
Emigrantvägen 2D
414 63 Gothenburg

Delivery address, Energy Port Workshop:
Smörjoljegatan 30
418 34 Göteborg
(pre-notice required)

Billing address:
VAN-operatör: Visma Proceedo
GLN nr: 7381035002881
PEPPOL-ID: 0007:5560082553
Org.nr: 556008-2553

Since April 1, 2019, it has been law that we as a publicly owned company must be invoiced with electronic invoice (e-invoice) according to a new European standard.

corporate identity number