Contact details

Below you find our contact details and can send us views on our work.

Postal address:
Port of Gothenburg
SE-403 38 Gothenburg
Visiting address:
Emigrantvägen 2B
414 63 Gothenburg

Delivery address, Head Office:
Emigrantvägen 2D
414 63 Gothenburg

Delivery address, Energy Port Workshop:
Brännoljegatan 28
418 34 Göteborg
(pre-notice required)

Billing address:
Göteborgs Hamn AB
FE 221
SE-832 80 FRÖSÖN

Send us your views on our work 
To help us improve, you can use our TRIA deviation management system to present your views on our work as well as complaints and suggestions for improvements.

In addition to the statutory reporting requirements, the occurrence of any of the following incidents in the port area must be reported to Gothenburg Port Authority:

•    Collision between vessels or a collision between a vessel and land 
•    A vessel that has become unmanoeuvrable, a vessel that has broken away from the             quayside and a vessel with a 'blackout'
•    Major incidents during mooring, towing or anchoring that have/could have caused damage to the port's facilities 
•    A fire or explosion at the quayside or on board a vessel 
•    An accident or near-accident on board a vessel or at a terminal that involves hazardous       goods 
•    Emission of a combustible toxic gas/production emission or other environmentally hazardous substance  
•    Suspected break-in, sabotage, bomb threat or other activity that could constitute a risk       to a vessel, port facility or human being 
•    Personal injury