Port of Gothenburg launches new website

Published 03/05/2012

The largest port in the Nordic region is launching a new website. Innovative, vibrant and knowledge-intensive have been the watchwords in the creation of the new website. According to Magnus Kårestedt, Port of Gothenburg Chief Executive, www.portofgothenburg.com is the digital hub and the obvious source of knowledge for freight transport in Scandinavia.

This week, the Port of Gothenburg launched a new website www.portofgothenburg.com. The website reflects the new organisation at the port, with the Port Authority retaining overall responsibility for the development of the port while independent terminal companies are responsible for the day-to-day handling of goods. The website is a portal, where you can find information about those who work and operate within and close to the port.

Apart from a new layout, the new website is designed to meet customers' expectations and their need for information. One specific area is information about the Port of Gothenburg route network. In response, considerable emphasis has been placed on highlighting the port's 131 direct routes to destinations throughout the world.

Magnus Kårestedt explains: "The new website will be the digital hub for freight transport in Scandinavia. At www.portofgothenburg.com both customers and stakeholders can access information about the Port of Gothenburg and those who work there as well as the industry in general. A major challenge in this process has been to combine traditional sector information with a modern, innovative layout."

Apart from detailed information about the Port of Gothenburg route network, there has been a considerable emphasis on information about terminals and services. Visitors can also use the website to follow all arrivals and departures at the Port of Gothenburg.


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